Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5IW - Individual Group Topics


Projektgruppe Eye catcher
PMPA - efficient meeting/taking notes in meetings, small talk, triple constraint, pitch, milestones, how-I-feel message – improving performance
BKO - Questions_CSR-CI-Promotion, Questions-Marketing Information System, questions types of business, Questions_place, questions branding, questions chapter 9

Projektgruppe Europe (ohne Michelle)
PMPA - SMART, pitch, efficient meeting/taking notes, Gantt-diagram-milestones list, team development, WBS/ kick-off meeting, project manager tasks
BKO - European Integration (Train your Brain 76, 77,78,79,80,81,82,83), Questions-Marketing Information System,  pricing_Quest, Management-Leadership, Quest_chapt5,7_8, Growth and Expansion_quest.

Projektgruppe Lesemarathon
PMPA - Watzlawick/ body language, the different stages of a project, project manager tasks, how-I-feel-message - improving performance, Small talk, triple constraint
BKO - Questions_CSR-CI-Promotion, promotion_questions, Quest_chapt5,7_8, Growth and Expansion_quest., International Cooperation_SME-LSE, Marketing Mix and Marketing Trends

Projektgruppe MMM (Michelle)
PMPA - risk management, Watzlawick/body language, stages of a project , efficient meetings/taking notes ins meetings, tasks project manager, Gantt-diagram and milestones list
BKO - questions types of business, questions strategic planning, questions_place, questions_BasicsCorpStructure_MNE, Location of industries, Methods of Growth


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