Thursday, May 28, 2015


Topics for the English Oral Matura, HTL-Zeltweg, Außenstelle Trieben

1.  Sport
Types of sport, sports in society, current sports incidents, American sports (baseball, football)
2.  Transportation
Types of transportation, effects of transportation on environment, transportation infrastructure
3.  Big Brother is Watching
Different types of surveillance, uses, effect on society, pros and cons, technological advances, biometrics, privacy concerns
4.  Violence and Gun Control
Second Amendment rights in the US, arguments for and against gun ownership, causes of violence, Bowling for Columbine
5.  Education
Importance of education, differences between educational systems (Austria, England, US), personal experience with school, MIT
6.  Smoking/alcohol/drugs
Addiction, current topics (e.g. legalization of marijuana), teen drinking, dangers of drugs
7.  Ecotourism
Definition, practices, carbon footprint, sustainability, alternative energy sources
8.  Food and Nutrition
How to take care of yourself, different food lifestyles, fast food, food miles
9. Advertising
Importance for the economy, methods, new developments in technology, Superbowl advertising
10.  All about cars
Conventional motors and fuels, green alternatives, components, features, specifics
11.  Solar Energy
Types, advantages/disadvantages, current developments, comparison with other technologies
12.  Hydropower
Types, advantages/disadvantages, current developments, comparison with other energy
13.  Wind power
Development of technology, advantages and disadvantages, comparison with other energy sources
14.  Waste and Recycling
Importance for the environment, doing your part, how different materials (electronics, plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc) can be recycled
15.  Plastics
Production, uses, advantages and disadvantages, recycling

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