Thursday, May 28, 2015

10C - Matura Vorbereitung Teams and Termine

For your topic, please prepare a list of 5 questions we can discuss.  Include a list of vocabulary and phrases that are helpful for the topic.  Print out 5 copies (one for you, one for Sandrock, and one for your classmates).  Leave room on the paper for notes.

Meeting 1 - Thursday May 28 - 4-5 Stunden
TOPICS:  Sports, Alcohol(Drugs/Smoking)

Meeting 2 - Monday, June 8 - 5-6 Stunden
TOPICS: Big Brother is Watching (Freßner), Solar Energy (Fokter), Wind Power (Fokter)

Meeting 3 - Thursday, June 11 5-6 Stunden
TOPICS: Education (Svago), Advertising (Svago), All about Cars (Freßner)

Meeting 4 - Monday, June 15 - 5-6 Stunden
TOPICS: Transportation (Brandner), Violence and Gun Control (Brandner), Ecotourism (Fokter)

Gelegentlich - Hydropower, Waste and Recycling, Plastics

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