Thursday, May 28, 2015

2C - Homework for Thursday, June 11

We will have a general grammar "test" (for points) on Thursday, June 11.

To study, use the following resources:

VERB TENSES:  pp. 40-41, FMT 2 (verb review)
Units 1-21 in Essential English Grammar (answers in the back of the book!)
Also, this post:  

PRONOUNS:  Units 60-65 in Essential English Grammar
ARTICLES: Unites 66-73 Essential English Grammar (also this post:  When NOT to use Articles)

GENERAL MISTAKES:  Units 74-84 Essential English Grammar (also, this post;  Terrible Twins and Triplets)

HOMEWORK:  Chapter 3, FMT 2
p.33, Ex 5
p. 34, Ex 7 (Matura Aufgabenstellung)
p. 36, Ex. 1-3

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