Thursday, December 18, 2014

5C - Presentations (January 29 - April 30)

These companies are leaders in the field of technology and manufacturing.  In your Referat your should talk about the company, its mission, its relationship to the environment  and discuss in detail AT LEAST ONE product that the company produces (include manufacturing, materials, specifics, reputation, etc.)

January 29 - Mario
February 5 - Thomas S., Thomas K.
February 12 - Mathias, Hannes
March 5 - Roland, Johannes
March 12 - Dominik D, Hasan
April 16 - Lukas, Marvin
April 23 - Lisa, Dominik J.
April 30 - Christoph, Niko

Marvin B. - General Motors
Christoph B. - Smith and Wesson
Dominik D - Aston Martin
Lukas D - Cessna
Johannes F. - John Deere
Matthias F. - Harley Davidson
Hannes G. - Liebherr
Dominik J. -
Niko K. - Cern?
Mario K. - Boeing
Thomas K - EOS
Roland L. - ThyssenKrupp
Lisa S. - Caterpillar
Thomas S. - Garrett Turbochargers
Hasan S. - Ford

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