Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4AHK - Homework for Tuesday, December 9

Q:  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
A:  Practice, man, practice!
- George Carlin

For Tuesday, December 9, do some PRACTICE for the Schularbeit. All exercises are from your Focus on Modern Business 4/5 textbook).

- Chapter 2 - pp. 23-24 (Reading: complete the sentence with a maximum of 4 words)
- Chapter 2 - pp. 25-26 (Reading: True/False justification)
- Chapter 3 - pp. 36-37 (Reading:  match the correct heading to the paragraph)
- Chapter 3 - pp. 37-38 (Listening: True/False)

The first three exercises are Matura tasks.

In class, we will do one last listening exercise.  Then we can go over any of the practice answers you are unsure about.

I checked the key for the reading we did in class Tuesday.  For the questions 7 and 8:
7 - A is the correct answer. Justification:  'they're less good at anticipating problems'  B is incorrect, because the writer does not link speed and confidence.
8 - A is the correct answer.  Justification 'it's also a big thing on my CV'.  B is incorrect, because as y'all pointed out, we only know how the writer feels, not what her superiors think.

I will review the papers you handed in on Tuesday before I submit midterm grades. Thanks for handing everything in on time!

Enjoy this video from George Carlin!

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