Saturday, December 13, 2014

1C - "Homework" for Monday, December 15

We will practice verb forms in the first half of class.  After the break we will take the grammar revision.  You can practice with these Grammar Snack videos (there are exercises at the bottom of each Grammar Snack page!):

Present simple
+ I have football practice on Mondays.
She doesn't have football practice
When do you have football practice?

Present progressive (aka present continuous)
+ I am studying.
- He is not studying.
? Are you studying?

Past simple - Regular verbs
+ I failed the driving test.
He failed his driving test.
Did you fail the driving test?

Past simple - Irregular verbs
+ I took a taxi.
- She did not take a taxi.
? Did you take a taxi?

Past progressive
+ I was playing my guitar.
She was not playing the guitar.
What were you doing (when the car crashed into the tree)?

To be - Present and past
Present simple/present continuous:
+ I am at the cafe.
He is not at the cafe.
Where are you?

Past simple/past continuous.
+ He was late last time, too.
- I wasn't late.
Were you late last time?

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