Monday, January 15, 2018

3C - Preparation for Wednesday, January 17

1) Read the article on page 45.  Be prepared to talk about the different kinds of addictions, the Level of addictiveness and the risks, dangers, and consequences of different addictions.

2) What do you think about Logan Paul?  Respond to this blog post.  Leave a message in the comments!

Who is Logan Paul and why are people hating on him?

I first heard of Logan Paul when I joined Twitter.  One of my favorite websites predicted Logan Paul would be president of the United States someday I don't know whether they meant it sarcastically, but I just had to look up Logan Paul.  If you don't know him, he's a 22-year-old vlogger from Ohio who made it big by posting Vines (short, 6 second videos). Now he has one of the most popular channels on YouTube and usually posts a 15-minute video every day. He has also established a brand (Maverick) and sells a lot of merchandise with a parrot as its logo.  He has over 15 million followers on YouTube, most of them teenagers, and some people think he will be the first YouTube billionaire (Milliardär).

But on New Year's Day 2018, Logan Paul visited the Suicide Forest in Japan.  He thought it would be creepy and maybe he would see a lot of ghosts.  But when he and his crew came across a real suicide victim hanging from a tree, he continued to film the spot and then posted the video to YouTube. Many fans and people across the internet reacted with shock and hatred . How could he post a video of a dead person when most of his viewers are impressionable teenagers?

Logan Paul took down the video, but not before it got nearly 600000 "likes".  He wrote a long apology on Twitter and followed it up with a video apology.  Although he apologized, YouTube has taken measures (Maßnahmen) to cut the amount of money he earns from his videos. Some people think that these measures are not enough.  They want Logan Paul's channel taken down, so he can't make money off his videos at all.

What do you think of Logan Paul?  Do you think what he did was bad?  Do you think his apologies were sincere?  What do you think should happen to Logan Paul's YouTube channel?  Do you think he can ever recover from this scandal?  Leave a message in the comments!

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