Tuesday, January 16, 2018

5C - Homework for Monday, January 22 & Tuesday, January 23

1) Write a down draft of your essay, "What will the world look like in the future?"  Write one page typed (that's about 250 words 12 pt type, doubles-spaced).

(Everyone will write a text in English.  The concept behind it is:  What changes will happen in your lifetime in medicine, communication, transportation, space travel, energy production, celebrities, housing, food, entertainment, physiology, geography?

2) In Class on Monday:  We will clean up the downdrafts and start the updraft. 

3) For Tuesday, finish your updraft - type out and bring it to the lesson on Tuesday.

4) In class on Tuesday, you will mount your texts and illustrate them on posters.

5) Monday, January 29 - Reading Comprehension

6) Tuesday, January 30 - Listening Comprehension

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