Thursday, June 21, 2018

ABEND HTL - More Questions to Consider for Matura

This list of questions supplements the handout in class (with questions about 5. food/nutrition, 15. plastic waste/recycling, 1. smoking/drugs/alcohol, 19. Transportation/cars, 13. Advertising, 4. Sports, 3. Alternative energies (Solar, wind, hydroelectric), 16. teen violence/gun control,

What is Fair Trade?
What is the difference between Fair Trade and Fairtrade?
How can you find/recognize Fair Trade products?
What are the pros and cons of Fair Trade?
What kind of people buy Fair Trade products?
What kind of people benefit from Fair Trade?
What are the impacts of Fair Trade on the environment?
What are some important Fair Trade products?
Do you personally buy Fair Trade products?
Are Fair Trade products better quality than supermarket brands?

Describe nuclear fission.
How does nuclear fission work?
What do you know about nuclear waste?
What are the pros of nuclear energy?
What are the cons of nuclear energy?
Be able to describe in detail what happens to people and the environment when there is a nuclear disaster.
What doesn't Austria use nuclear power?
Is it possible to reduce the number of nuclear power plants although energy consumption is constantly rising?
Is it a bad idea to put a lot of dangerous stuff into a deep hole or is a worse idea to blow lots of CO2 emissions and other dangerous substances into the air by using fossil fuels?

Define the term mobility.
What is the future of mobility?
Explain the evolution of mobility (transportation) from the past to the present
What are the advantages of different types of transportation.
What are the disadvantages?
What do you think about electric cars?
what are the pros and cons of electric cars?
Do you think cars in the future will be more expensive?
Are you willing to pay more money for an environmentally friendly car?

Be able to describe and give examples of the different kinds of robots:
androids, domestic robots, industrial robots, military robots, robots in health care, mining robots
Define what a robot is (where does the word come from and what features do all robots have in common?)
What are the advantages of robots in your home?
What are the advantages of robots in factories?
What are the disadvantages of robots?
What are the arguments for and against robots in the workplace?
What is the connection between robots and unemployment?
Do you think that robots will develop the abilities needed to take over the world?

8. Travel/Tourism 24. USA
9. Mass media 6. Internet 7. Smartphones
10. Globalization 14. Global Warming/Climate Change 22. English as a World Language
11. World of Work
18. Internet of Things 6. Internet of Things
20. Family
21. Human Rights
23. Education

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