Wednesday, June 13, 2018

1C - Preparation for Tuesday, June 19 (listening quiz)

We will do a 20  minute listening test.  There will be two - three listening exercises.

The first rule of listening is: don't talk during the listening!

1) Build your expectations (what do you know about the topic? What vocab will you need?)
2) Read through the tast (this will help you build your expectations)
3) Listening 1 - listen for gist (i.e., the main message)
4) Listening 2 - listen for details
5) Complete the task

After the listening, we will begin cooking presentations.  You should prepare a short presentation (1.5 - 2 minutes) in which you teach the class how to make a recipe. 

* Recipe should not have more than 6 ingredients
* Use enough details to fill out 1.5-2 minutes
* You may not read a text.  You may have a notecard.
* If you want to bring a sample of your recipe, the class and the teacher would truly appreciate it!


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