Tuesday, May 8, 2018

8C - Galway Presentations (Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15)

You have a topic to present on Galway (link to original text: https://www.galwaytourism.ie/psightseeing-galway.html

Mario, Lukas - Where to find the best gifts in Galway
Valentin, Sascha - History
Antonela, Stefanie, Sarah (Corinna) - Hen Parties
Jakob  - Beaches
Fabian, Daniel - Sightseeing tours
Benjamin, Bastian- Group Activities
Marc, Cvetko, Markus - Free things to do
David, Tobias - Adventure Activities

Everyone should be ready to present on MONDAY.
If your partner is not there, you are expected to give your part.
No excuses!  Put your presentation on OneDrive.

Everyone speaks for 3-4 minutes (a group of 2 speaks for 7-10 minutes).
Tag team!
Speak freely!

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