Monday, May 14, 2018

4C - Homework for Wednesday, May 16

So... let's do this:

1) EVERYONE should do the homework from Monday ( because it wasn't as easy as I thought.  This will be good practice for the SA.

2) EVERYONE should find a link and post it below.  This should be a link to ONE of the following:
a) a cool new gadget
b) a young inventor
c) a person who has overcome a major disability (not Nick Vujicic, we've covered him already).  But someone who uses a form of technology (protheses, bionics, etc) to live a normal life.

3) EVERYONE should be able to talk about their link for 1-2 minutes during the lesson on Wednesday!


    Invented by: Anupam Pathak
    ~Maurer Philipp

    1. Great and practical gadget! Thanks for the link!


    Taser Shotgunshells
    ~el Kreutzer

    1. Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the link!


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