Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Abend HTL - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, May 16

Lehrstoff, Schularbeit May 16

Listening comprehension
(Reading Comprehension)

You need to know everything we learned in the first semester PLUS:

Keeping fit (pp. 45-53, Topics and Language in Use)
What’s Cooking (pp. 56-67, Topics and Language in Use)
It’s a Holiday! (pp. 68-78, Topics and Language in Use)

Present continuous (p. 49, Topics and Language in Use; pp. 39-41, Workbook)
Present perfect (p. 64-65, Topics and Language in Use; pp. 51-52, Workbook)
Going to future (p.72, Topics and Language In Use; page 42 Workbook)
Names of people/nationalities, countries, language (p. 70, Topics and Language in Use)
Saxon genitive (pp. 20-21 Workbook)
Place phrases (p. 58 Workbook)
Time phrases (p. 58 Workbook)
Principal parts of verbs (pp. 90-91 workbook)

Blog Entry
Journal Entry

Listening strategies
The Prisoner (What would you do if you woke up in an unknown location?)
Chicago tourism

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