Thursday, April 7, 2016

2C - Homework for Thursday, April 14

TASK 1) Study for a verb revision (all tenses) - A good resource is the Englische Zeiten on the Tausch server at school.  You may also use any of the online resources to study (

TASK 2) Start your English diary (due Thursday, May 5... you need at least 12 entries)

TASK 3)  Write the email on page 22 (Ex. 3) if you didn't write it during the lesson

TASK 4) pp. 24-25, read the text and do exercise 4 (this is a Matura bzw. SA Aufgabenstellung)

TASK 5) p. 26, do exercise 5 (comprehension questions) and exercise 6 (vocabulary lessons)

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