Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2HAS - Homework for Friday, October 2

You will need:
An A4 Heft, liniert mit Korrekturrand.  Use this Heft for Hausübungen (HÜ)
Tape or glue
Correction Key
A pen or pencil

On Monday, September 28, I handed back your text "What I did during my summer holidays" complete with Correction Key.

For Friday, October 2, you should rewrite this text in your HÜ Heft.  Glue or tape the original text to the left side, and rewrite the text with corrections on the right side.

You had 30 minutes to work on this task during the lesson on Monday.  I expect to collect the Hefte at the beginning of class on Friday.

The most common mistakes are listed below:

= - capitalization needed
≠ - not capitalized
SP - spelling
WF - wrong form
WW - wrong word
Prep. - preposition
Art. - article
P - punctuation
VT - verb tense
SV - subject verb agreement
CS - comma splice
SYN - syntax (word order)
awk.  - awkward (means you probably translated from German into English)

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