Monday, April 24, 2017

4C - Outline for Company Presentations

1.       Description of the company
a.        What do they produce?
2.       History and Mission (brief, no more than one minute = 3 slides)
a.        Who?
b.       What?
c.        Where?
d.       When?
3.       Environment and Sustainability
a.        Sourcing of materials
b.       Commitment to the environment (Think sustainability, green energy, CO2/pollution/waste reduction, recycling)
4.       Describe a specific product
a.        What?
b.       Where?
c.        How?
d.       Materials used
e.       Specifications
f.         Significance
5.       World Wide Reputation
a.        Why is this company/product so popular/well-respected?
6.       Job Opportunities
a.        What kind of job opportunities exist for engineers?

b.       Do they have an internship program?

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