Tuesday, February 14, 2017

1C - "Homework" for Week of March 6

Aufgabe 1:  Finish the worksheet you got in class (comparison, Wizard of Oz)

Aufgabe 2:  Prepare for a SHORT schriftliche Überprüfung of adjectives and Steigerung (comparisons, superlatives).

Aufgabe 3:  Journal entry about one of the following topics

We watched the "Wizard of Oz" during the last week  of the semester.

For Tuesday, March 6 (Group B), Wednesday, March 7 (Group A) you should write about ONE of these topics in your activity journal (80-100 words, as mistake-free as possible):

A)  "There's no place like home" -
Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?
Describe your home:  the physical house, the people and pets who live there, the food, the routine,
What makes your house a home?


B)  How important is friendship to you?
Describe your friends.  What are they like, where do they live, what do you do together?
What qualities should a best friend have?
What qualities make you a good friend?

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