Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dublin 2016 with form 4C!

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Our Dublin outings
By Jannik Painsi
On Friday the 24th June, we had a tour through Dublin with a tour guide. Our tour guide showed us some sights like the Molly Malone statue and the Millennium Spire. Sadly it was a rainy day, so we decided to end the tour. In the evening we went to a Greyhound racing track. A few of us bet on the dogs and lost some money on them. On Saturday the 25th June, we had a day trip to Belfast. Our bus driver showed us the murals in Belfast. This are symbols of Northern Ireland, depicting the region's past and present political and religious divisions. At lunchtime we had an hour to look around in Belfast. In the afternoon we went to the Titanic museum. It was a self-guided tour through the museum. It had 4 stages to learn something about the Titanic, including recordings by the survivors. On Monday the 27th June, in the afternoon we had a photo hunt sponsored by the Atlantic Language School. We were separated in four groups with four people in each group. We had to make 8 photos of sights in Dublin and all group members had to be on every photo there. Later on we also had a self-guided tour through Dublinia. It is a museum about the Viking and medieval history of Dublin. On Wednesday the 29th June we went to Belfast again to see the Montupet Ltd factory.

Montupet UK Limited
By Christian Kalsberger

On Wednesday 29th July, 2016 the 8c from the HTL-Trieben were going to visit the Montupet UK Limited factory. It is based in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, but first the class had to drive from Dublin to Belfast and find the factory. Unfortunately nobody knew the right way and the bus didn’t have a navigation system, so the bus driver had to ask people from Belfast to find out the right way to the factory. What makes things even worse is that he didn’t find the right way although we had help from other people. So our teachers asked someone from Montupet to find us and show us the right way to the company. With at least one hour delay we got the interesting guide in Montupet. First they showed us what the company is producing and explained something about the ownership. Then we got equipment (safety goggles and vests) for visitors because without these things it could be dangerous. After everyone was ready we started the tour and saw how they melt their aluminium and what things are in the finished cylinder heads. It was amazing to see how they manufactured them, because we were very close to the workers and the machines. Finally we saw how the robots continue the manufacturing process. Summing up it can be said that Montupet UK Limited is an amazing company and it was also amazing to see how the differences between a guided tour in Austria and in the United Kingdom.

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