Monday, April 16, 2018

4C - In Class, Monday, April 16

WARM UP - What's the difference between a stereotype and a prejudice? (3-10)

1) WITH A PARTNER, work through page 62, questionnaire.  What advice would you give an exchange student coming to Austria about:
    a) greetings
    b) eating habits (cutlery = Besteck)
    c) school life
    d) going out (10)

2) INPUT - Giving advice (5)

3) READING COMPREHENSION pages 57, 58 - Be able to summarize the information (see suggestions on page 59) (15)

4) WITH A NEW PARTNER, exchange information about your texts.  Answer the questions on page 59, Ex. 4 (10)

* Vocab for making suggestions (p. 59-61)
* Need another entry for your journal?  Write an email replying to Jose (p. 63)

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