Monday, March 12, 2018

10C - In Class, Monday, March 12

What does "Land of Opportunity" mean?  What kind of opportunities are there in the United States? 

What do you think particularly attracts people to the United States as a tourist destination or a place to live?

Have you visited the United States?  Where did you visit?  What kind of differences did you notice there?

Do you want to visit the United States?  Where would you like to visit? Why?

Do you think the United States is really a "Land of Opportunity" where people can live the "American Dream"? 

What kind of events make you think twice about going to the United States?


  • Explain what the "American Dream" means to you.
  • point out some of the advantages of living in the USA
  • balance out the pros with some cons of living in the USA
  • based on your analysis, would you be likely to move to the USA with your free Green Card?

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